Saturday, November 29, 2014

Farinon UHF Salvage - What is it?

Have you every heard of Farinon radios? Here are some pictures of  a Farinon UHF radio rack. Is anything in this rack useful to an amateur radio operator? If not, it looks like there is some gold in them there radios. Who knows what we'll find inside that dual power supply!

Front of the rack
Front of Rack

Back of Rack

Who knows what we'll find inside this dual power supply.

Front of Power Supply
Back of Power Supply
Notice the dual power cords!

Duplexer - 414 Mhz and 419 Mhz
TX Unit A
TX Unit B
RX Unit A

RX Unit B

 Looks like there is some gold in them there radios.
 If you recognize any of these devices please leave a comment.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Canadian Marconi DK66 - Transmitter - Receiver

This post is the first in a series covering a salvaged Canadian Marconi VHF Repeater system.
The system includes DK66 Transmitter - Receiver, QJ66 Repeater and WJ10 Power Supply.

Here are the specifications from the DK66

Make: Canadian Marconi Company
Model: Marcom II - DK66
Frequency: 139 - 174 Mhz
Xmitter Power: 2, 7.5, 10-30 Watts
Max Amperage:

Marcom II - DK66 Front Panel

Marcom II - DK66 Back

Missing Items:

  • Operations Manual 
  • Service Manual
  • Schematic

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sometimes radios, even entire radio stations, are discarded and sent to the land fill without a second thought. A second thought of repurpose, reuse or recycle.

The purpose for this blog is
  • To help find and save condemned radio equipment. 
  • To catalog collections of saved radio gear.
  • To find someone who can put used radios components to good use. 
  • To promote radio recycling and give used radio equipment a opportunity to continue a useful and productive existence.
Amateur radio operators often adopt condemned radio equipment. They adopt it and find ways to extended its useful life.